Stop accusing the north, you’re not sincere – Nwosu slams southern politicians

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Stop accusing the north, you’re not sincere – Nwosu

Stop accusing the north, you’re not sincere – Nwosu slams southern politicians

A tribal leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Imo State, Uche Nwosu, has said that it was unjustifiable for a few southern legislators to blame the north for attempting to hold power while they have wouldn’t uphold the southeast to create the following president.

As per Nwosu, such government officials are not genuine to themselves, demanding that it was really the turn of individuals of the southeast district to create the following leader of Nigeria.

The previous Imo State governorship competitor said that those fomenting for power shift toward the south without supporting the southeast in 2023 are being uncalled for.

Nwosu said it was twofold norm to deny the southeast, being the main zone which has never delivered the nation’s leader, the valuable chance to do as such.

The previous governorship competitor talked with select writers in Abuja, Wednesday, where he demanded that the main way value and equity can be really served is for different zones in the South to help the Southeast.

He said that anybody coming to value should tell the truth hands, it was off-base “to be unsettling for power shift toward the south on the appearance of value and equity and when power moves toward the south you never again teach value and equity, that is basically unreasonable to add that it.”

That’s what he contended “When our siblings from the South West or South emerged to say they need to be President for value and equity purpose, they are basically not fair, there is no value or equity in that.

“The genuine value and equity is to ensure that each zone in this nation will have the chance to lead this country, that is the harmony, that is the value, that is the most ideal equity for me.

“Assuming you are charging the North, that the North would rather not discharge capacity toward the South and you that have tasted power in the South, need to take power once more, no doubt about it.”


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