Man implicates wife, lover in alleged missing child case

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Man implicates wife, lover in alleged missing child case

Man implicates wife, lover in alleged missing child case

Alfred Ayo, a man, has asked the Federal Government to intervene in the case of his missing child.
Ayo claimed in a video posted on his Facebook page that his wife and her lover conspired to hide his child in order to gain undue favor.

Ayo claimed that the child reported missing from Christ Mercy Land Church in Warri was hiding somewhere in Imo State, and that his child is only being used for business and is not missing.
Ayo had accused his alleged wife Ruth of selling their child with her boyfriend in a similar video last week, insisting that his wife and her boyfriend know where his son Testimony is.

Ruth claimed Fufeyin abducted one of her sons after she brought three of them to church.
Despite the fact that the Nigerian Police dismissed the case, claiming that the allegations “were inconsistent with the truth.”

Ordinary Ahmed Isa, founder of Abuja-based Human Right Radio, popularly known as the Brekete family, who was investigating the story earlier this month, slammed Ruth and her supporters over the case of the alleged missing child.
During a live broadcast on the radio station, Isa stated that he will not be used to bring anyone down, emphasizing that the station will not be involved in cases containing even an iota of deception.

In response to the case, Isa stated that the woman who brought it up could not substantiate her claims and was also looking for ways to take advantage of the opportunity to move abroad.

While some accused the station of being bribed into dropping the case, Isa stated that the majority of those accusing the station were only looking for cheap publicity and would have preferred to continue the case if they could substantiate it.

The development, which first came to light about three years ago, has recently resurfaced as a result of some pastors and non-governmental organizations standing up to seek justice. The development prompted the church to file a lawsuit in court, claiming that the matter needed to be put to rest once and for all.

Ayo, who spoke at the courthouse in the video, said he only realized what was going on after his attention was drawn to some internet publication about the case.
While pleading for government intervention in the case, Ayo stated that his wife and the boyfriend he fled with knew where the child was.

Ayo claimed that his wife had also fled with his money, and that he needed assistance in recovering both his baby and his money.

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