JayIsrael exposes Proff Ex, Ruth Matthew in new video


JayIsrael exposes Proff Ex, Ruth Matthew in new video

JayIsrael exposes Proff Ex, Ruth Matthew in new video

A South Africa minister and media character, Jay Israel have marked as close to home shakedown the instance of a missing youngster in a Nigeria church, claiming that his partner and companion of over 15yrs, Prof Ex has been deluding the Nigerian public for individual advantages.

Israel likewise noticed that his partner is being supported, claiming that his companion isn’t a minister however web trickster.

Viral video on the web, the virtual entertainment ‘minister’ made serious disclosures, focusing on that his companion is advancing lies by taking advantage of people in general through misdirecting effort.

Moving his companion to go to court or the Police in the event that he has reality on a youngster claimed to be absent at the Christ Mercy Land Church in Warri, Israel said his companions interest is a long way from tracking down the kid.

A lady, distinguished as Ruth Matthew had blamed the organizer for the congregation, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin of grabbing her kid. Since the improvement began, the South African media character had acquired prominence through the matter.

Yet, Israel in the video, while expressing that he carried Ex to spotlight, noticed that there are something else entirely to the issue of the missing youngster that the general population didn’t have the foggiest idea.

As per him, the supposed missing youngster is simply arranged to acquire prominence, adding that his partner cares very little about tracking down any missing kid yet utilizing public compassion to blackmail Nigerians on the web.

Isreal likewise said a supposed capture of his partner, who expressed was under his consideration for more than 15 years may just be organized.

Last week, the supposed mother of the missing youngster had given signs that the child may not be missing.
Talking on the missing kid, Israel said: “You will keep on coming to an obvious conclusion that won’t ever associate just on the grounds that you are blending reality in with lies. You will keep on blending the spots that won’t ever met up essentially in light of the fact that in your reality are lies. Emerge and admit.”

Matthew had drawn in feelings and consideration in the wake of charging that her kid disappeared at the Christ MercyLand Church in Warri, adding that the proprietor of the congregation, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin contributed to the matter.

While the case was explored by the Nigerian Police and at present in court, a video made accessible to writers yesterday showed Ruth Matthew admitting that she sold her child and looking for pardoning.
While her kids were likewise been questioned and questioned in the video, the cases about the prophet being engaged with the matter were prevented in the presence from getting her more youthful sibling Mr Joshua Matthew.

Prior, a man, distinguished as Alfred Ayo, had spoke to the Federal Government to mediate on account of his missing kid, expressing in a video posted on his Facebook page that Ruth Matthew, his significant other and her darling Emmanuel Marcus plotted to conceal his kid to look for excessive blessing.

Review that the organizer behind Abuja based Human Right Radio, prevalently alluded to as Brekete family, Ordinary Ahmed Isa, who was sooner or later exploring the story hammered Ruth and her allies over the instance of the supposed missing kid.

Isa, while talking during a live program on the radio broadcast had said he won’t be utilized in pulling down anybody, focusing on that the station wouldn’t be engaged with cases that have bit of falsehoods.

Responding to the case Isa said the one who raised the case couldn’t prove her cases and was additionally searching for ways of utilizing the chance to move to another country.

While certain individuals had blamed the station for being paid off into dropping the case, Isa expressed the vast majority of individuals charging the station were just searching for modest exposure and would have rather proceeded with the case assuming they can prove it.

The turn of events, which came up around three years, reemerged as of late as certain ministers and NGO rose up to look for equity. The improvement had driven the congregation to record a suite in court over the issue, expressing that there was need to put last stop to the matter.


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