Atiku Abubakar releases new covenant with Nigerians, reveals 5-point development agenda

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Atiku Abubakar releases new covenant with Nigerians, reveals 5-point development agenda

Atiku Abubakar releases new covenant with Nigerians, reveals 5-point development agenda



Previous Vice President and a main official wannabe under the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, has said the political race lost by the PDP in 2019 was a colossal misfortune to the country, taking into account his aim to change things for good.

Delivering a shortened strategy report labeled,” My agreement with Nigerians,” Mr Abubakar reviewed his 2019 compressed approach record which couldn’t be carried out to support Nigerians as a result of the loss endured by the PDP.

He bemoaned the disappointment of the ongoing APC administration, prompting difficulty, which he said was looking straight at everybody.

Atiku’s 5-point improvement plan

Atiku’s compressed strategy record which was summarized to a 5-point improvement plan looks to reestablish Nigeria’s solidarity through balance, civil rights, and collaboration among different individuals.

The report additionally uncovered that Atiku will lay out areas of strength for a viable vote based government that will insurance the wellbeing and security of life and property.

The previous Vice President, upon return to office, as per the record will construct areas of strength for a prosperous economy, making position and abundance as well as lifting millions out of neediness.

The record expresses that at the focal point of its strategy, the Atiku Abubakar’s administration will advance areas of strength for a genuine government framework.

Likewise one of its strategy plan is improve and reinforce the schooling system and furnish understudies with every vital expertise “expected to be serious in the new worldwide request which is driven by advancement, science, and innovation.”

Atiku said he accepts that with the comprehension of the abovementioned, individuals can consider him responsible assuming he neglects to meet the projections he named common agreement.

The economy

On the economy, Abubakar said ” Our plan is directed by three fundamental standards”

He featured those standards to incorporate – re-attesting the criticality of private-area authority and more prominent area support being developed; while likewise repositioning the public area to zero in on its center liability.

The second on the rundown, as per the official hopeful is to break government imposing business model in all framework areas, including treatment facilities, rail transportation and power transmission.

He guaranteed further that the market will then, at that point, decide costs, and accordingly, “the diligent cost contortions occassioned by current interventionist conversion standard administration strategy will be dispensed with.”

Atiku likewise vowed to depend more on advancing the financial space to general more incomes for improvement. He projected a financial system that is steady and unsurprising and can obviously overcome any barrier between the public income yield and public use.

He featured a portion of the monetary methodologies his organization will utilize to incorporate, Domestice Reforms to further develop IGR, elevating send out development to improve fx profit, obstructing spillages and supporting ventures through essential organizations with private area.

Public safety

On public safety, Atiku said his administration will reactivate significant enlistment upon entering the world as an approach to decreasing crime percentage and safeguard Nigerians.

He guaranteed, accordingly, to lead the following public populace enumeration as the reason for additional improvement arranging.

As indicated by him, managing revolt will depend fundamentally on elective way to deal with question reaolution.


In what looks endorsement of state police, Atiku vowed to rebuild and decentralize security organizations, promising to manage psychological warfare, capturing and different wrongdoings.

The previous Vice President is hopeful of a Nigeria that will work in the future through reatructuring, promising to work with the National Assembly and any remaining partners, to start the course of veritable and straightforward protected changes.

Against defilement

On enemy of debasement, top on the plan was to support institutional changes of organizations and further reinforce them.



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